Fight against cancer becomes a European priority

Happy and proud! The biggest group in the European Parliament presented today its position paper on #Cancer committing itself to making the fight against cancer in Europe a priority. […]

Elections are not only about election day but about the entire electoral process

The European Union Election Observation Mission to Kosovo presented its Final Report on the 22 October 2017 local elections. The report comprises an assessment of the entire electoral process and offers 22 recommendations to improve future electoral processes in Kosovo including 7 priority recommendations. […]

Heart, soul and citizens

Today Irish prime minister Leo Varadkar spoke at the European Parliament. He called for more “direct democracy” and warned, all European countries and all member states will be small states, even though perhaps they don’t realise it yet. […]

Only respect of law can ensure peace

Today I wrote a personal letter with regard to the Slovenian-Croatian border issue to Mr Tajani, Mr Juncker and Mr Tusk. […]

Engaging patients in the digital revolution: A call to build smarter and safer healthcare systems

History teaches us that waves of technological change have transformed our human societies and quality of life has gained a lot with these processes. The current digital revolution has the power to do so once again. […]

How can a concept of power affect an individual?

At the EPP Group, Strasbourg, 14.11.1917. Chairman, dear colleagues, I feel obliged to share with you some of my thoughts related to recent happenings there in Poland. […]

How to prevent election related violence?

Today, experts in the fields of conflict prevention and election observation missions came together in the European Parliament to discuss how to effectively prevent election related violence. […]

Women in democracy

I was honoured to take part in the Promoting Women and Youth in Democratic Leadership Conference in Nairobi, Kenya. Having served as Chief Observer for the EU Election Observation Mission in 2013, I continue to follow the political developments in the country with great interest as the August 2017 elections approach. Kenya is an important [...]

Kosovo friendship group

Today we launched the informal Kosovo Friendship group in the European Parliament. We had an exchange of views with the foreign minister of the republic of Kosovo, Enver Hoxhaj, and Ambassador Bernard Nikaj. We had an excellent dialogue regarding the European perspective of the country.


Alojz PETERLE MEP (EPP Group) officially launched his candidacy to his EPP colleagues to be elected candidate for President of the European Parliament next Tuesday in Strasbourg. “We have two and a half years to make a difference before the next European elections” said the first democratically elected Prime Minister of Slovenia who fought for the [...]