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Alojz PETERLE MEP (EPP Group) officially launched his candidacy to his EPP colleagues to be elected candidate for President of the European Parliament next Tuesday in Strasbourg. “We have two and a half years to make a difference before the next European elections” said the first democratically elected Prime Minister of Slovenia who fought for the [...]

EU2030: Rethinking our common priorities on the future of Europe

On November 9th, with former members of the Presidency of the EU Convention, I hosted the colloquium "EU2030: Rethinking our common priorities on the future of Europe". After almost three hours of discussions with, in my view, some of the wisest European men and women, I can say that Europe more than ever needs to [...]

Cancer is not only a matter for patients and doctors – it is a social and political issue

“The EU action on cancer is one of the Union’s earliest policies in the field of health and it has substantially contributed to an increased political and social perception of cancer. Consequently, cancer is not perceived as a death sentence any more. Due to cancer control plans established in Member States, population based cancer screenings, [...]