577748_223283441148515_1418701198_n LAGOS 02 April 2011 – “The European Union Election Observation Mission was impressed by the enthusiasm amongst the Nigerian voters to participate in the elections in a generally peaceful environment”, said Chief Observer Alojz Peterle on Saturday in Lagos.

“We have observed the commitment of many polling unit staff. However, we have also observed logistical deficiencies in a number of States regarding the delivery of sensitive election material, including ballots and result forms” added the Chief Observer.

The European Union Election Observation Mission (EU EOM) has noted the decision by INEC to postpone the elections. Alojz Peterle said: “We understand this as an expression to sustain the commitment to conduct credible elections, in particular by providing all technical conditions.”

“In this spirit” so Peterle, “the EU EOM encourages the political parties to further respect the Code of Conduct. We also encourage the voters, the electoral administration, candidates, and other stakeholders to maintain confidence and determination towards a peaceful and credible conduct of the polls throughout the entire electoral process. “