At the EPP Group, Strasbourg, 14.11.1917. Chairman, dear colleagues, I feel obliged to share with you some of my thoughts related to recent happenings there in Poland.

I belong to the 68 generation. On that same year we got shocked by the self-immolation of Jan Palach in Prague. Since that time I have clearly made a distinction between suicide and sacrifice.

The self-immolation which happened recently in Poland, happened in a democratic state, member state of the EU. It was not just one more political protest, it was the ultimate expression of somebody’s will. It has been a tragic last deed of Piotr Szczesny, a citizen of EU in front of the Palace of Culture in Warsaw.
He did that in full clarity and he also explained why.

In this case we are not dealing with an issue of rule of law, it is about the state of mind in the country. This fact shows how deeply can the governing concept of power in divided Poland affect an individual.

We have to be very attentive to that and express solidarity with those who understand Piotr’s protest and sacrifice, which has been sacrifice for Europe as well.