25 years of the independence of Slovenia: The Art of the Impossible

The-Art-of-the-Impossible-0208-4245This is the story about courage and hope. It shows how one country, Slovenia, and its first prime minister invested in Europe’s culture, politics and economy. The leader and his country believed in the European Union as a beacon of hope to those overcoming ideological limitations of history and facing repression and decline. They believe in that future still.

READ THE BOOK: http://issuu.com/alojzpeterle/docs/the_art_of_the_impossible_issuu?e=25429204/36684467


This Week in the plenary

15865477258_933277a0cb_zAfter the terrorist attacks in Brussels, for the first time in a long time, I felt genuine solidarity coming to us from the citizens. The main point which triggered the attention of citizens is their security. For this reason we should continue our work to ensure that this value, which took us so much effort to build, is firmly kept. We definitely have a shared responsibility in working for the security of our citizens and I am pleased that the accent in this week’s plenary session will be on this essential topic. >>>

2016 World Cancer Day: Together we can achieve more

20140523_Peterle19_normal“World Cancer Day is an opportunity to reflect on the multi-stakeholder and multidisciplinary nature of cancer control. We will only be successful in the fight against cancer with strong collaboration with a wide range of stakeholders: policy makers, researchers, civil society, medical professionals and academia and last but not the least patients. Together we can achieve more,” highlights Alojz Peterle MEP (EPP/SLO), President of MEPs Against Cancer (MAC) group in the European Parliament and Co-Chair of the ENVI Health Working group. >>>

We should welcome all religious initiatives wanting to bring more peace

20140723_lp_normalToday I had the honour to close the second session of the EPP Interreligious dialogue event which deepened on the legacy of the “Spirit of Assisi”, 30 years later. This initiative was launched by Pope John Paul II on 25th January 1986 in the context of the International Year for Peace. It was not only addressed to Catholics or believers in Christ but also to the members of the world’s various religions and to all people of good will so that they might all pray insistently for the gift of peace. >>>

More Europe means less cancer

1482755_424429567700567_8057865989707715289_nThe MEPs Against Cancer (MAC) group celebrates its 10th anniversary and 30 years of the European Action Against Cancer. One of the reasons for establishing MAC was inequalities in access to cancer care and treatment between and within the Member States. >>>

“We need to put human dignity on the forefront of EU policy making”

In times when protection of human dignity is under threat on many legislative fronts, not only in the EU, but also worldwide, Members of the European Parliament, from different political groups and affiliations, have acted to restore the recognition of human dignity by re-launching the cross-party Working Group on Human Dignity. The group, which was established back in 2009 by Prof. Dr. Hans-Gert Pöttering MEP, then President of the European Parliament, gathers MEPs who believe that it is of key importance to maintain the original vision of EU’s founding fathers, by putting human dignity on the forefront of EU policy making. >>>