Strasbourg, 12th February 2019

Dear President Tajani,

We, the undersigned Members of Croatian and Slovenian EPP delegation in European Parliament, strongly condemn your statement from Sunday, 10th February 2019 in Basovizza (Bazovica), on the occasion of Day of Remembrance of the Victims of the Foibe Massacres, where at the end of your speech you said “Long live Trieste, long live Italian Istria, long live Italian Dalmatia, long live Italian exiles.” Your statement has deeply offended the citizens of Croatia and Slovenia and it goes against the spirit of the duties you perform in your function as President of the European Parliament.

The issue of victory over Fascism is a civilizational fact, as is commemorating all the innocent victims. Let us not forget, though, that we need to have the same approach of compassion for the victims of the Communist violence as for the victims of Fascist violence.

Your statement from Basovizza (Bazovica), which we condemn, has unfortunately opened long-healed wounds. Your statement can be understood as territorial pretensions as well as revisionism and unfortunately leaves no room for a different interpretation. We take note that you felt sorry but we expect your clear apology and withdrawal of your statement.

We believe that it is important from your side to remove any doubt as to the respect for the territorial integrity of Croatia and Slovenia. We therefore invite you, in the name of historical truth, to join us in marking the sites of crimes of all totalitarian regimes in Croatia and Slovenia as a warning that something like that should never happen again. Croatia and Slovenia are independent and sovereign states, while the Slovenian and Croatian regions in Istria and the Croatian regions in Dalmatia are regions with a long history.

We, Croatian and Slovene EPP Members of the European Parliament, are committed to the continuation of friendly and good neighbourly relations between Slovenia, Croatia and Italy.



Dubravka Šuica, HR EPP

Ivana Maletić, HR EPP

Željana Zovko, HR EPP

Ivica Tolić, HR EPP

Marijana Petir, HR EPP

Milan Zver, SLO EPP

Franc Bogovič, SLO EPP

Alojz Peterle, SLO EPP

Romana Tomc, SLO EPP

Patricija Šulin, SLO EPP